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To President,

LEES-URE LITE TRAILER factory, it is with great pleasure I writing this letter to you, thank you for such a great product, and for the same reasons expressed by all the other owners on your website.

I wanted to express my gratitude with the service I received from Bob Gage, Alexandria, Virginia. Never once did I think I was dealing with a salesman, just trying to make a sale. I found Bob to be the ultimate enthusiast for the LEES-URE LITE TRAILER. I had visited Bob 3 or 4 times to look at the trailer before making a decision to buy, I had taken up a lot of his time, and I was always met with great hospitality. Something you seldom find in this fast-paced world that we now live in. Upon delivery of the trailer, Bob went above and beyond my expectations. He took the time to go over every inch of the trailer, assisted me in rewiring my bike and the trailer, and even repacking the wheel bearings.

Because of Bob great attention to detail, I have traveled for the past 7 months around the country with your trailer, the entire time has been trouble-free thanks to Bob. It seems everywhere I go with the trailer, it attracts a lot of people asking questions and are truly amazed at how easy it is to set up. And with great pride I always refer them back to Bob in Alexander VA.

Best regards

Harvey Lanier

When you told me I wouldn't know the trailer was behind me after a few miles you were right. Except for the loud pipes.............echoing from front of trailer. My first time pulling a trailer with a bike and I am going through the mountains. Well it wasn't a problem. Travelled about 1750 km's in 24 hours and was no more tired than riding without a trailer.I will definitely be putting out a good word about your product whenever I get a chance. Couldn't be happier.............very glad I chose you over the other ones out there.

Lance......the guy from Manitoba

The Excel worked very well and I can't tell you how many people came up to me in the campground wanting to look inside and ask questions. I can also tell you that my Excel is now tornado tested.

One afternoon an extremely large Florida Dust Devil formed in the campground and came roaring through our campsite. The guy next to me had his awning destroyed and the dust devil lifted his paper plates and paper towels thirty feet into the air. When it struct the Excel, I watched it lift the entire camper off the ground and tip it 45 degrees. A small table that was inside was thrown out the open door as well as most of my personal stuff. The camper came down on its wheels, somewhat spun around and filled with dirt and grass clippings. The tent fabric was not damaged, but I was concerned that the main hinge might have been sprung. When I packed up the hinge appears to be fine. The mini-tornado then destroyed the awning on the camper next to me. Weaker tent fabric would have ripped the same way the two awnings ripped. I'm pleased with the Excel's construction.

Murawski’s – Texas

We have had our Lees-ure Lite since 2002 and it still looks just as good as when we picked it up. We still have people watching as we put it up and take it down. We had a 1983, 1100 Honda Gold Wing we pulled it with and now this last year we got ourselves a 2003, 1800 Honda Gold Wing and we still can't tell we are pulling a trailer. Just love it. We store it on the braces and it doesn't take up much space at all.

Millers – Minnesota

Just wanted to thank you all for your great service and wonderful product. Gary and I have been enjoying it ever since we left your parking lot. We get looks from everyone and it seems to draw attention with people coming and checking it out. Thanks again for putting up with our "adding one more thing" - paperwork nightmare I'm sure.

Lori and Gary – BC

I own a Lees-ure Lite and love it. I think it is the best designed and best manufactured camper on the market. It is also the safest due to it's light weight and low center of gravity. I have at least a dozen friends who have Lees-Ure Lite campers and we all talk to people in camp grounds everywhere we go about the virtues of the camper.

Deward – Frankfort, KY

Whenever anyone from anywhere contacted me to get my opinion, etc., of a Lees-ure Lite camper and I sang its praises. I was amazed at everything about it but the big selling point with me was the 30 cubic feet of storage space inside it when it’s closed. I’d bought a new competitor camper and it was wonderful after I spent 20 sweating minutes setting it up, but it had no inside storage and my wife I were always forced to load the competitor’s top with normal camping accouterments tied or bungied on. Well, I fell in love instantly with the Lees-ure Lite camper and ordered a new one immediately upon my return home from Wing Ding.

Asa – Kentucky

I want to take this opportunity to let you know that I just spent a total of 7 weeks on the road pulling the trailer with my trike. It pulls well and the sleeps were great. The interest with the unit was unbelievable and I am sure your will see additional sales from the people that took your information. We travelled 17,000 km and my wife didn’t mentioned once to get a hotel room that is also unbelievable. The ease in setting up and take even in some fowl weather never discouraged her.

Vern - Alberta

Lees Leisure Ind Ltd
Buena Vista Industrial Park
11619 – 115th Street
PO Box 1330
Osoyoos, B.C. V0H 1V0

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