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  1. What should I use for water repellent? And how often?

  2. We recommend that you spray your tent SEAMS (not the whole trailer) with a product called Camp Dry. Once a season should be enough, but if your camping season sees a significant amount of rain, you could do it again that same year.

  3. How much weight can I carry on my trailer?

  4. The weight for your cargo will depend on the vehicle you are using to pull the trailer. The axle is rated for no more than 600 lbs including the trailer. If you are pulling the trailer with a trike, please remember that you will need to stop and any extra weight will greatly decrease the bikes ability to slow.

  5. Where are you located?

  6. Leesure Lite is located in Osoyoos, BC, Canada. This is 4 hours East of Vancouver BC and 4 hours north of Spokane, WA.

  7. What is a "Rain Fly"

  8. The rain fly is simply a tarp created to protect the roof of the tent. This is attached by Velcro and snaps. This adds water proof protection to the roof along with protecting from natural elements such as camp fire embers, falling debris, sap etc. This is included with all trailers at no additional cost.

  9. Why does Leesure Lite have so many different options?

  10. A long time ago we discovered that all customers needs are different. We decided to let each individual customer pick which options were suitable for them. Not all of our customers want an awning or storage pod, and many of our trike friends, like to keep the weight completely down and have absolutely no options.

  11. Where is the 30 sq ft of storage.

  12. The storage inside the trailer is essentially the bed. The bed will be loaded up prior to closing the tent. All of the fabric and poles fold up along the inside edges of the camper shell. The entire middle is open for storage.

  13. Should I wait until my tent is dry prior to closing the tent?

  14. It is not always possible to wait until it stops raining to pack up camp and head for the next stop or head home. You can pack up your camp while wet and head to your next stop without damaging the tent. When the weather is dry enough, open the tent and give it a good airing out.

  15. How long can I expect the fabric to last in my trailer?

  16. If you look after the tent carefully, you can expect it to last 20 or more years.

  17. Can I purchase the storage pod after I buy my trailer?

  18. Yes, all of our options can be purchased at any time. The base trailer is equipped to be used with all of the options. The storage pod unfortunately cannot be shipped due to the fragility of the fiberglass. This is the only option we will not ship. You must visit the factory or one of our distributors to acquire this.

Lees Leisure Ind Ltd
Buena Vista Industrial Park
11619 115th Street
PO Box 1330
Osoyoos, B.C. V0H 1V0

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